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Providence Mayor Says Despite NOM Poll Results, RI Favors Gay Marriage

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Just weeks after a Brown University Poll said that 60 percent of Rhode Islanders favor same-sex marriage, a new poll is claiming that the real number is more than twenty points lower. The poll, released Monday, says that just 36 percent of voters in the only New England state WITHOUT gay marriage would support it. The poll says 43 percent of voters are opposed.

Openly gay Providence Mayor David Ciciline says those numbers don’t sound right to him.

Ciciline: “We are a state that I think has always spoken loudly against discrimination of any kind. So I think the vast majority of Rhode Islanders support equality and don’t believe that anyone should be denied or discriminated against in terms of their access to the institution of marriage. So I think that is absolutely the majority opinion.”

There are two caveats with the poll – first, pollster Victor Profughi says he conducted the survey independently and does not have an opinion on the matter – but the survey was paid for by the anti-gay marriage group “National Organization for Marriage.”

Second, nearly 70 percent of those polled were over the age of fifty – and less than ten percent were under the age of 35. Profughi told the Woonsocket (wun-SOCK-it) Call newspaper “younger voters are always harder to reach.”

The survey reported a margin of error of around 5 points.

 -Aaron McQuade


Written by OutQ News staff

June 17, 2009 at 10:20 AM

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