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Activist Defends Dallas Principle Authors – ‘Just a Group of Friends’

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Twenty-four people gathered in Dallas recently to give a formal voice to what they say is a growing discontent among gay people with inaction on gay civil rights issues by the Democratic President and Congress.

The group emerged from its weekend-long meeting earlier this month with a 22-point document it calls The Dallas Principles, named after the city in which the activists met.

The document sets forth both general principles -such as separate is never equal- and somewhat more specific goals -such as “Every LGBT person should enjoy life protected against bias crimes.”

It also delivers -with a “no delay, no excuses” attitude– calls to action -or demands- such as “We demand that government officials act now to achieve full civil rights without delay.”

There are critics of the effort– some grousing that the group was self-selected and provided no advance notice to or access by the media.

Others say the groups membership was dominated by politicos from big coastal cities, and still others express concern that the group did not have sufficient racial diversity.

But C. Dixon Osburn –one of the 24 activists— says the group was just a group of friends trying to inspire the gay movement.

Osburn: “We don’t want to be an organization. We don’t say that we speak for the movement. We see The Dallas Principles as an invitation the entire community to adopt them, to incorporate them into their personal lives, incorporate them into their volunteerism, and by doing so, hold accountable political and appointed leaders and organizations.”

The Dallas Principles can be viewed at the group’s website –

-Lisa Keen, Keen News Service


Written by OutQ News staff

May 28, 2009 at 3:39 PM

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