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Supreme Court Historian Explains Why Conservatives Might Be Pushing Marriage as an Issue

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As President Obama has reportedly narrowed down the field of Supreme Court nominees to a handful of names – conservatives seem to be telling the President … and their base … that ‘gay marriage’ has supplanted ‘abortion’ as their key issue.

Cornell law professor and conservative blogger William Jacobson told the Washington Post that gay marriage is “now the flash point where politics and law meet.”

But University of Texas law professor and Supreme Court Historian Scot Powe says there’s a third and far more critical part of that equation … money.

POWE: “They get their base all hot and bothered about the disaster that the nominee will bestow upon the country, and the base sends money into the various organizations in the hopes that the money will allow the organization to defeat the nominee.”

Powe says conservatives have almost no chance to block whoever Obama ends up nominating, so any opposition is purely for fundraising purposes. And when it comes to people’s pocketbooks, Powe says Gay Marriage is a stronger issue.

POWE: “I think abortion just doesn’t seem to carry the salience that it did six years ago. And gay marriage, ever since Lawrence Vs. Texas until this year, has looked like a very good issue for conservatives.”

Whether the issue is gay marriage or abortion, how a nominee will eventually rule is all guesswork. Powe says whoever the nominee is WILL NOT reveal their leanings on ANY hot button social issues during the confirmation process.

-Aaron McQuade


Written by OutQ News staff

May 20, 2009 at 7:20 AM

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