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McDonald’s settles KY “faggots” suit

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Fast Food giant McDonalds has settled a complaint filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky – stemming from homophobic slurs shouted at gay customers.

Teddy Eggers and Ryan Marlatt say they were at the downtown Louisville McDonald’s last July, when an employee called them faggots. They asked to speak with a manager, but say the anti-gay taunts continued.

Kentucky does not protect gays and lesbians from discrimination, but Louisville does. Michael Aldridge is Executive Director of the ACLU of Kentucky.

Aldridge: “We are fortunate to have non-discrimination policies in place in Louisville/Jefferson County. It’s a local ordinance.”

The ACLU filed a complaint, which McDonalds has now settled. The restaurant chain has agreed to implement diversity training for 30 managers at its Louisville-area restaurants, which Aldridge says should bring the area in line with the rest of the company.

Aldridge: “My understanding is that nationally, McDonalds has a really good diversity training program, and they have really good policies in place.”

McDonalds also gave Marlatt and Eggers $2,000 each, even though they had only asked for $28.

In an e-mail to OutQ News, McDonalds said “We continually strive to maintain an environment in which everyone feels valued and accepted.” The company said that no further actions were being taken, but did not say whether the employees involved had already been disciplined.

–Aaron McQuade


Written by OutQ News staff

May 7, 2009 at 4:20 PM

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