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Levi’s raising funds for NY’s Harvey Milk High

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The Levi’s jeans company has partnered with New York’s Hetrick-Martin Institute, which runs the Harvey Milk School, to launch a new fundraising campaign. The drive, called Give Them Hope Now, is inspired by Milk’s famous quote, “You gotta give them hope.”

The campaign is aimed at raising money for the Institute’s reserve fund. Executive Director Thomas Krever says the fund acts as a safety net for the Milk school and the Institute’s other services in times like this, when donorship is down.

Krever: “This fund will help us to really sustain the organization and ensure its survival, so that we can continue to provide services to thousands of LGBTQ young people, which is desperately needed here in New York City.

Krever says the partnership with Levi’s is just the latest example of the company standing up for LGBT causes, despite pressure from groups opposed to gay rights.

Krever: “They have an incredibly long history of supporting groups that others may shirk their responsibilities – or be too fearful to come out, so to speak, and support. If anything, we should admire them all the more for having the guts and the integrity to acknowledge all of society’s people.”

The campaign will run through November, or until the goal of 500-thousand dollars is reached. The campaign’s website is

-Aaron McQuade


Written by OutQ News staff

May 7, 2009 at 12:30 PM

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