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One-man protest against VA Knights of Columbus

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A gay Virginia man waged a one-person-war against a national catholic group and two supermarket chains … and won.

On a Sunday afternoon in April, 35-year-old Brad Allison says went to a Safeway grocery store and noticed two men collecting money for the Knights of Columbus. After confirming that this was the same group that gave one-point-four million dollars to pass California’s gay marriage ban, Allison decided to do something about it. He spoke to store managers who said they couldn’t remove the men because the Knights had gotten permission from Safeway corporate. So Allison bought some posterboard and made a sign reading, “Please do not support hate.” He stood right next to the men and told everyone who was about to donate that the Knights of Columbus were a political–not charitable–organization.

ALLISON: “My whole point was to just get the information out there, to communicate with these people. And it worked.”

Allison said most people put their money back into their pockets. He has blogged about the experience, rallying his readers to call the corporate headquarters of their local grocery stores to ensure that the Knights of Columbus can’t solicit there.

ALLISON: “It is not acceptable to me to see the Knight of Columbus standing outside my grocery store, collecting money, in order to turn around and use that money to lessen the quality of my life.”

Later that day, Allison, says he went to another grocery chain store, Giant Foods, where the Knights were also fundraising. He again spoke to the manager, who he says was much more receptive, and did ask the group to leave the store’s premises.

–Amanda Magnus


Written by OutQ News staff

May 4, 2009 at 5:00 AM

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