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Gay Rights Group Protests Vatican Position on UN Resolution

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The LGBT Christian group Soulforce held a silent vigil outside the office of the United Nation’s Vatican ambassador this week to encourage support for a U.N. statement affirming LGBT rights. Archbishop Celestino Migliore has come out publicly against the U-N declaration, but Soulforce is asking to meet with him about the statement. Migliore HAS agreed to sit down with Soulforce–as long as it’s not under the conditions of protest. Founder Mel White says he hopes the meeting makes an impact on the Pope:

WHITE: I’m hoping that some miracle will happen, that this ambassador knows Benedict closely and will say to him, Look, they’re pressuring us, we’ve got to start thinking about this.

Soulforce members say they are not entirely optimistic about the meeting–given Migliore’s criticism of the U.N. statement. But Brian Murphy of Soulforce N-Y-C says they stood outside the ambassador’s office Wednesday and Thursday, to keep the issue on the Ambassador’s mind.

MURPHY: We’re sad that they’ve chosen to lock the gates and close their blinds and go on a skeleton crew just to avoid having to see us, um, but we will be back and we’re going to continue to instigate this conversation. Um, it’s not that Soulforce or gay people want a victory, but we want to reconcile with the Catholic church and move forward together.

Soulforce is working to set a specific date for their meeting with the ambassador.

-Amanda Magnus


Written by OutQ News staff

April 24, 2009 at 7:15 AM

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