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Gay Supporter Beats NOM to Name

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Last week, a prominent anti-gay group announced a new campaign against same-sex marriage, titled “2 Million for Marriage” – or, for short, 2M4M. But visitors to the website bearing that name are finding something very different. Christopher Ambler is a straight man from Seattle. When he heard about the National Organization for Marriage‘s so-called “2m4m” campaign, he wondered whether they had registered that as a domain name. To his surprise, they hadn’t. So he did.

The result is something very different than what you’d expect from the group responsible for the now-infamous “gathering storm” anti-gay TV ad. Ambler’s site – – says it stands for “Two men for marriage.” The front page shows a picture of two men one older, one younger, leaning on a tractor, in front of a barn. The caption says “I don’t have to understand, son – you deserve the same rights your mother and I have.”

Given the obvious other implication of the “2m4m” acronym, Ambler could have gone a different way.

Ambler: “It’s easy to go for the cheap laugh. And we’re all kinda chuckling, and you let it go. We’ve got an opportunity to actually do some real good, to get the message out there and show people that this is a genuine issue, and not go for the cheap laugh.”

Ambler has packed the site with arguments for same-sex marriage, and debunkings of the arguments against it. Ambler says according to site stats, most of his visitors have come from googling the phrase 2m4m, he assumes, expecting to find the National Organization for Marriage’s website.

Ambler: “And I’m hoping that these are people who haven’t made up their mind yet, so they’re going to look at the information and treat it critically.”

The National Organization for Marriage did not return a call for comment.

— Aaron McQuade


Written by OutQ News staff

April 17, 2009 at 2:16 PM

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