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Obama Tells Gays to Roll Eggs

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For the fourth year in a row, a national gay rights group is sending a contingent of gay and lesbian families to participate in the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. For the FIRST time … they were actually invited by the White House.

The Family Equality Council has been sending gay families to the annual event since 2006, to send the message that gay and lesbian families are the same as any other families. Executive Director Jennifer Christler says President Obama got that message.

Chrisler: “The big difference between President Obama’s administration and previous administrations is that the President is being much more diverse in his outreach this year, and we really applaud him for that.”

Family Equality Council logo

Chrisler said that even though the White House did specifically invite her group to participate, President Obama still supports Civil Unions rather than full marriage – something she hopes he’ll come around on.

Chrisler: “I’m certainly going to encourage him to continue to get to know our families and spend time with our families, like at the egg roll, so that he can see that marriage equality is a very important part of what we need to keep our families healthy and strong.”

The annual White House Easter Egg Roll is slated for Monday, April 13th.


Written by OutQ News staff

April 8, 2009 at 8:20 PM

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