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Yesterday’s stories

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Here’s a quick glimpse behind the curtain. This is a list of the stories we used in Wednesday’s and Thursday morning’s newscasts. Sorry the titles are a little cryptic–they’re intended for internal use. Note that each newscast is aired three times, so add 4 and 8 hours to the airtimes listed in the third column to get the time of the repeats.

Version Title Writer Name Newscasts
PA rape false-accuser gets probation Tim Curran 4/2-4am
RUS Pride to coincide with Eurovision Amanda Magnus 4/1-3pm
Whites off Amazing Race Amanda Magnus 4/1-5pm,4/1-2am
NY judge OKs 1st same-sex divorce Amanda Magnus 4/1-5am,4/1-3am
EHarmony launches gay match site Amanda Magnus 4/2-4am,4/2-2am
ALB lawmaker urges province gay rights law Amanda Magnus 4/1-5pm
TX gay cop arrested for domestic violence Amanda Magnus 4/2-4am
Gay youth protest NY homeless funding cuts Aaron McQuade 4/1-4pm,4/1-2pm
VT House panel approves gay marriage bill Aaron McQuade 4/1-4pm,4/1-5am
CT gay marriage group to shutter Aaron McQuade 4/2-5am
CA Assby Committee OKs Gay Inmate Bill Aaron McQuade 4/2-3am
TX D-A highlights murder defendant’s sexuality Steve Newman 4/2-3am,4/1-5pm
MI antigay hate crimes up 133% Public News Service 4/2-2am,4/1-3pm
NY hi court to hear marriage recognition suits Brian Osuch 4/2-5am,4/2-3am
CA gay mom faces deportation to Philippines Jim Provenzano 4/1-2pm,4/1-4am
FL school sends boy home for wearing drag Mike Wells 4/1-3pm,4/1-5am

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April 2, 2009 at 1:19 PM

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