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FL lesbian sues ex-gay ex for custody

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A Florida woman is battling her former domestic partner–who is now a self-proclaimed ex-lesbian–for the right to visit the child they raised together.

L.E. and K.R. entered into a domestic partnership in Washington State. We’re identifying the women by initials only, to protect the identity of their child. According to court documents, K.R. was artificially inseminated in 2000, and L.E. adopted the child as a second parent. In 2002, they moved to Florida.

Attorneys for K.R. say the relationship ended in 2004, but the women followed an informal custody/visitation agreement. That is, until KR renounced her homosexuality, became a Christian, married a man and, in the words of her attorneys “saw that visits with LE were not good for her daughter.”

LE filed a petition, asking the court enforce her visitation rights. But because Florida does not allow gay adoptions, a lower court ruled that the state could not enforce the parental rights given to LE by the Washington state Adoption. Attorneys for KR say in a statement that forcing Florida to recognize an out-of-state gay adoption, would be allowing another state to dictate Florida’s laws.

According to court documents, LE argues that the full faith and credit clause of the US Constitution should protect the parental rights she was given in Washington. LE is represented by the National Center for Lesbian Rights, which declined several requests for comment.

–Aaron McQuade


Written by OutQ News staff

April 2, 2009 at 7:08 PM

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